Face Shaping Techniques: Why Atelier Kogao Stands Out?

Face shaping techniques have become a practical solution for achieving a more balanced facial appearance. Atelier Kogao is renowned for its expertise in natural and stunning beauty transformations. This expertise makes us stand out among the many providers of such services.  In this blog post, we delve into the art of face shaping. We will […]

Achieving a V-Shaped Face Without Surgery: How Does It Work?

If you’ve followed the latest beauty trends, you’ve likely come across the “V-shaped” face look. This look is desired by many, given its correlation with youthfulness and attractiveness. However, it seems like only surgical procedures can achieve this effect. But what if I told you that a V-shaped face without surgery is entirely possible? Thanks […]

What is Small Face Correction?

Small Face Correction has been applauded by patients for easing their neck and back pain and discomfort caused by temporomandibular joint disorders. It can stimulate Cerebrospinal Fluid circulation in our body system. People who have undergone sessions of Small Face Correction have claimed to experience better sleep and far fewer migraines. What many people don’t […]

Practice Slim Contour in 5 Minutes

3 Simplest Massage Techniques to Reduce Water Retention Many women are more prone to water retention, not only the face outline disappears but also the eyes and nose are swollen and more obvious muscles around the mouth. Get up in the morning and spend 5 minutes to eliminate water retention to get slimmer three-dimensional face.  […]

The Structure of Skin

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, accounting for about 15% of body weight.  The chemical composition of the skin includes 70% water, 25% protein and 2% lipid, as well as trace elements, nucleic acids, glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, and a large number of other chemicals. The structure of the skin is basically divided […]