Practice Slim Contour in 5 Minutes

3 Simplest Massage Techniques to Reduce Water Retention

Many women are more prone to water retention, not only the face outline disappears but also the eyes and nose are swollen and more obvious muscles around the mouth. Get up in the morning and spend 5 minutes to eliminate water retention to get slimmer three-dimensional face. 

Small Face Massage Step 1: Full face Contour Massage

Place three fingers – index finger, middle finger and ring finger of both hands on the middle of the forehead, then draw outwards and down to the temples and cheekbones. You may massage slightly on each point.

Then follow the jaw line from the cheekbone, and press down to the neck and collarbone lymph gland. By lymphatic massage, you can detoxify and eliminate water retention. This step is aimed at the outline of the entire face and the jaw line.

Small Face Massage Step 2: Muscles of the Mouth and Jawline Massage

Starting from the middle of the chin in a sliding manner, pressing on both corners of the mouth. Move on to press on the middle of the upper lip.

This step is very effective for eliminating water retention around the chin and corner of the mouth, which allows the jaw line to be more slender and three-dimensional.

Small Face Massage Step 3: Cheekbone Contour Lift

Starting from the side of the nose, right under the corner of the eye, gently draw a circular massage, then slide outward to the cheekbones and temples and lastly draw a circular point massage and press on the temple. Follow by sliding down to jaw and neck then stop at the collarbone lymph. This step can strengthen the outline of the cheekbones and make the cheek muscles feel lifted!