What is Small Face Correction?

Small Face Correction has been applauded by patients for easing their neck and back pain and discomfort caused by temporomandibular joint disorders. It can stimulate Cerebrospinal Fluid circulation in our body system. People who have undergone sessions of Small Face Correction have claimed to experience better sleep and far fewer migraines.

What many people don’t realize is that there are muscles in our scalp that require care and nurturing just as the rest of our muscles do. The muscles in our scalp are responsible for our facial expressions, which means they are constantly in use. They can even be put under stress while sitting in front of a computer screen for extended periods of time. Because people are unaware of the muscles hidden away in our scalp, they tend to go uncared for.

A head, neck, and shoulder massage can alleviate tension headaches, reducing symptoms of migraine headaches in most people. It is normal to have tension in the neck, head, and upper back. However, massaging the relevant muscles, and ironing out the knots by putting pressure on these areas, stimulates both blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid in our brain. The brain has an immense network of capillaries supplying it with blood containing life-supporting oxygen and glucose, without these elements brain function deteriorates rapidly. 

Small Face Correction to their natural circulation position; paying such delicate attention to these bones has helped decrease stress from injuries and even brought relief to clients suffering from migraines.

Massage is widely used throughout and has been shown to have a variety positive effects on well being, particularly the ability to reduce anxiety, improved mood, and lower blood pressure. Message also stimulates receptors that transmit sensory signals to the central nervous system, and this is turn causes the reduction in tension in muscles and the feeling of relaxation. Its positive effects on mood and anxiety indicate that the brain is a target organ for massage.

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste products, bacteria, and damaged cells from our body’s tissues. This makes it crucial to our immune system and our body’s healing capabilities. By encouraging better circulation of our body’s lymph, we are increasing the efficiency and effectiveness by which our body rids itself of waste and harmful substances.

In turn, we will not only feel better on a day-to-day basis, but we will also target or prevent certain health problems. The increase of oxygen circulation that Small Face Therapy promoted – can clear and refocus our minds, resulting in loss of toxins in our bodies. 

By combining this rebalancing of energies with the cleansing of your mental state and the relaxation of your physical body, you will feel a new type of energy throughout your body.

You will feel energetic, refreshed, stabilized, and ready to face the day.